During my childhood, I was interested in numbers—in particular, I was fascinated by the prices of goods sold in shops and the profits that the shops made from selling their wares. Therefore, my mother recommended that I learn bookkeeping, which I did, indeed, go on to study after graduating from high school. Beyond this, however, I became interested in Japanese culture through drama and animation. As a result, I entered university in Myanmar to study the Japanese language, and when I was in the second grade, I had the opportunity to study at a Japanese university.

When I came to Japan, I was planning on going back to Myanmar after I learn Japanese and Japanese culture for one year. However, after I heard from a professor at my university that Myanmar would begin to offer bookkeeping education in the Japanese style, I decided to study bookkeeping and accounting in Japan until I graduated from the university. After graduation, I hope to get a job in Japanese companies, turning the knowledge I learned to my advantage.

Thanks to my experience studying bookkeeping in Japan, I have been able to learn about business management and accounting. In particular, I am interested in stocks. As there is little opportunity to learn about management and accounting in Myanmar, I enjoy my studies in Japan very much.

As I have not studied the Japanese language sufficiently yet, it is difficult for me to study at a University in Japan. However, I enjoy studying here, as I have been interested in what I learn through bookkeeping since my childhood. Bookkeeping and accounting class has been easy for me to understand, and I like it, because the professor teaches us using examples drawn from actual companies. Although the same must be true for many different fields of study, I think that the most important thing about learning bookkeeping is coming to enjoy it. I believe that you can achieve anything that seems difficult if you have a sincere interest in it.






Name (氏名) :チョウ ミャット ノー ウェイ
School (学校名) :城西国際大学
Year of study (学年) :経営情報学部2年生
Major (専攻) :会計