The reason I decided to start studying accounting is because I felt that it was a very practical skill to have when going into the workforce. It is something that could come in handy at any given moment in your life and is necessary to know when looking at any monetary situation whether it’s your own personal finances or running a business.

Bookkeeping and accounting are skills needed in practically every industry and can be applied to any sort of business that interests you. I find this very attractive because I have multiple interests and many different career paths that I would like to pursue. However, that would mean attending school for many years and taking more classes than I can afford, but studying accounting allows me to learn one skill that I can then transfer and apply to anything I decide to do in the future.

As for the future, I haven’t completely decided what I want to do. However, my childhood dream was to have a pet hotel, where people going on vacation can leave their cats, dogs, or any other animals they may have, and I would be there to take care of them. My love for animals may have started my dream of owning and running my own pet hotel but the skills I have acquired while studying accounting will help make it possible.

Bookkeeping and accounting are both very serious fields that require your complete attention and extreme focus. The smallest of errors can effect a company’s entire fiscal year and will probably cost you your job. However, I believe that if you have a dream to become a business owner or an accountant for a Fortune 500 company, only your determination can get you there. I’m sure you are all very brilliant students. Keep up the good work.






Kimberly N. Carrero
Name (氏名) :Kimberly N. Carrero
University (大学名) :The University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida)
Year of study (学年) :3rd Year
Major (専攻) :Telecommunications – Production
Minor  :Business Administration